Census 2020

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Begin Response

The Japanese government will be conducting a Census on October 1, 2020.
The Census is the most important statistical survey and is held once every five years.

The results of the Census will be used for measures such as city planning to make life easier for foreign residents.
The Census covers everyone that has lived or plans to live in Japan for more than three months, regardless of nationality. Everyone that is covered is legally obliged to respond, so please be sure to do so.
Your responses will only be used to create statistics and will not be used in any way for immigration control, police investigations, or other such purposes.

The Census will be conducted in the following manner.

*The Census schedule may be subject to change in certain areas.


Distribution of Census Survey Documents (from Monday, Sept 14)

A Census Taker will visit your household and will distribute the Census survey documents by putting them into your mailbox.


Online Response Period (Monday, Sept 14 to Wednesday, Oct 7)

You can also respond to the Census online.
When the Census survey documents arrive at your home, access the Response Site, and follow the instructions on the screen to respond to the Census. Please use the internet to make your responses.
To respond, you will require the “Login ID” and “Access Key” noted in the “Online Response Guide” which you will find in the “Census Survey Document Envelope” that is distributed to you.

Begin Response

  • Survey Document Envelope
  • Online Response Guide
  • Survey Document Envelope

  • Online Response Guide

Begin Response

  • Online responses are available in the following languages.
    Japanese, English, Chinese (Simplified, Traditional), Korean, Vietnamese, Spanish, Portuguese
  • Your responses will be safe and secure, as they are protected with strict security.
  • This is the most ecologically efficient response, reducing CO2 and administrative costs from the physical delivery of documents.

Please use your Smartphone or PC to respond.

  • *If, after responding, there is a change to your household conditions such as a birth or relocation etc. before Thursday, October 1, please login again and make the correction. To login again, you will need your “Login ID” and the “Password” that you set.
  • *Households that have responded online do not need to submit a paper survey. Do not fill anything into your paper survey and discard it so that it is not used.

Paper Response Period (Thursday, Oct 1 to Wednesday, Oct 7)

If you are not able to respond online, you can do so with a paper survey.
If you respond to the paper survey, please refer to the “English translation of the questionnaire” and “How to fill out a questionnaire form” which you will find in the “Survey Document Envelope”.
Please fill in the Census Survey Documents in the “Census Survey Document Envelope”.
Fold the completed survey form into three and place it into the “Postal Envelope”, and then place this into the nearest post box by Wednesday, October 7. No stamp is required.

  • Census Survey Documents
  • Postal Envelope
  • Census Survey Documents

  • Postal Envelope

  • *Submission by mail may not be available in certain areas.
  • *If postal submission is difficult, please contact the Census Call Center below and ask for a Census Taker to come and collect your Census Survey Document.

Request for Submission

If your response is not confirmed by Wednesday, October 7, a Census Taker will ask for your responses.